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Zhongjian Decheng (Henan) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 86.7 million. The company is a new energy high tech enterprise focusing on the study and application of new energy products. The company actively innovates, leads a new era of sustainable and green energy, in cooperate people to optimize the energy structure via solar power, and starts a low-carbon life. The company plays the leading role in the new energy industry.

We help to strengthen the overall planning and industrial guidance of the new energy materials industry, establishes a benign cooperation mode with other companies, guide the healthy development of the new energy industry and improves performance, efficiency and reliability of our full range of products. We have an experienced and mature management team.

In addition, our technology team is young and professional, with an average age of 33 years old. Majority of our staff holds Bachelor’s, master’s or doctor’s degrees in their respective fields.

Since our establishment, we strive to focus on the PV power generation industry. We have formed a complete industrial chain covering producing of PV solar panels, solar inverter products, energy storage battery and PV related supporting materials. We are also highly involved in development, construction and operation of power stations locally and internationally, by combining PV power generation with other industries. We provide customers with integrated installation and one-stop service for residential and commercial solar power and energy storage.

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