Solar for Industrial & Manufacturing

Modern factories and warehouses are often thousands of square kilometres, with high energy usage. Over the past few years, more and more businesses have seen the potential to harness free renewable energy simply by adding solar panels to their roofs. Factories and warehouses are bringing their energy costs down by producing their own free electricity on site.
The roofs of factories are often the ideal place to install a solar panel. As factories are energy-intensive buildings, installing a solar PV system on the roof of a factory ensures free power can be generated to run everything underneath it. While reducing energy costs, a solar PV installation has the added benefit of demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility thanks to its environmental credentials.

Drive your energy operating costs towards zero

Reduce Operating Costs

Dramatically reduce the costs to create your goods and services.

Turn-Key Service

We handle everything from start to finish and provide ongoing monitoring and support.

Invest in Your Future

Industrial solar typically earns 18-24% rate of return with a 4-6 year return on investment.

Helping manufacturers create predictable energy costs

Create secure and predictable energy costs for decades to come with solar energy. We help advanced manufacturing and industrial operations use solar energy to benefit from peak shaving, reduction in demand charges, and lower overall operating costs.

Types of operations we service:



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We make solar easy

Zeoluff’s in-house design and service teams manage all aspects of our solar installations with professional engineering and procurement services.

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If you’re interested in understanding what renewable energy can offer your operation contact Zeoluff today.

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